Imitation of concrete

Our Projects Imitation of concrete


Imitation of concrete is a technique for creating seamless surfaces look like nature concrete. The advatages of concrete imitation instead of nature concrete is in application. Very thin layer(aproximatelly 1,5mm) can be applied on walls and floors. There is no need to create forwork for concrete. Imitation of concrete is possible to use anywhere you want. This product has very durable surface and long term lifetime. Because of concrete colour is nature grey we offer this pruduct in grey shade. If you need surface in different colours there is another product called panDOMO


Imitation of concrete is convinient to use in interiors and exteriors.

Imitation of concrete can look like a nature concrete, which is around us. It depends on some customers and their imagination.

  • Walls
    • Interior (living rooms, halls, kitchens, bathrooms, atd...)
    • Exterior (frontage, fances, stairs, ect...)
  • Floors
    • Interior (living rooms, halls, kitchens, bathrooms, atd...)