pandomo surface

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panDOMO is a modern system for creating contemporary seamless surfaces for walls and floors. The result only depend on your imagination. We are able to create many kind of patterns by using panDOMO material. It is possible to use metallic colours with panDOMO.

Are you coriuos how your interiour will appear in pandomo design? You can try our new Pandomo design tool.

  • panDOMO WALL
    • W1 WALL - 2mm layer can be applied on floors
  • panDOMO K1 FLOOR, K2 LOFT, K3
    • K1 Floor - 5mm layer in one step, very smooth floor
    • K1 Floor + - 5mm layer in one step, the floor is enriched by silica sand
    • K2 Loft - 3mm layer in two steps,the floor is very tough and resistant
    • K3 Floor - 5mm layer in one step, very smooth floor, in grey color


panDOMO is specific for people who are looking for minimalistic design, simple look and unusual material feeling.

panDOMO surface is developed for heavy usage on floors and walls.

  • Walls
    • living rooms
    • entrance rooms
    • representative rooms
    • kitchens
    • bathrooms
  • Floors
    • entrance hall
    • living rooms
    • bathrooms
    • kitchens
    • representative spaces